Friday, 13 November 2015

Your cutting boards

This posting is circulating on Facebook amongst quilters.  Makes for an interesting read. I vaguely remember this being mentioned when I first started quilting in 1997.  At that time bathing babies, housework and everything associated with a young family, this definitely wasn't retained.  I just made sure my board went back under the bed to stay flat and out of the heat.  I have from time to time washed my board to clean it but not left to soak though.  
So I have soaked and scrubed my boards today with the large one not fitting easily into the bath.  I won't soak them over night as family members need the shower which is over the bath.  No point risking them being heat damaged.
Will follow this advise over the next year.  Place wet towels over the boards for a night.  My boards maybe to used and old but I am sure if you have just purchased one, you will be able to really test this.


  1. It's a quandary. I have ten large boards to soak and nowhere to do it!

  2. Are these the Olfa mats? they look different from mine - and why aren't these instructions given when the boards are purchased?? methinks further investigation is needed! Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Shirls.


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