Saturday, 28 November 2015

Stacking Bow Ties - Krazy Cow

A great day in Levin today at Krazy Cow sharing my passion for stacking bow ties with a group of ladies. 
Check out their work.


Finished my evening bag using my dress fabric for dinner tonight.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Meshwork and Quilterslane

I spent a very enjoyable weekend with two groups of ladies making Meshwork blocks.  Here's a glimpse of their progress.

Thank you Shiela and Brenda for looking after us so well and the wonderful lunches and other refreshments.


Friday, 13 November 2015

Your cutting boards

This posting is circulating on Facebook amongst quilters.  Makes for an interesting read. I vaguely remember this being mentioned when I first started quilting in 1997.  At that time bathing babies, housework and everything associated with a young family, this definitely wasn't retained.  I just made sure my board went back under the bed to stay flat and out of the heat.  I have from time to time washed my board to clean it but not left to soak though.  
So I have soaked and scrubed my boards today with the large one not fitting easily into the bath.  I won't soak them over night as family members need the shower which is over the bath.  No point risking them being heat damaged.
Will follow this advise over the next year.  Place wet towels over the boards for a night.  My boards maybe to used and old but I am sure if you have just purchased one, you will be able to really test this.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Martelli Rotary Cutter

I have hurt my left arm mainly due to over use.  For a while now I have been searching for new ways to help with my rotary cutting both at home and at work. 

I came across this link about the Martelli Cutting system.

I ordered a left handed cutter which arrived in the post two weeks ago along with a packet of blades.  Today is the first time have been able to test it out.

Left handed Martelli Rotary Cutter with black handle
Martelli Rotary Cutters for right hands are Red
Side view

Your hand rolls over to assist with cutting using a normal rotary cutter.
Here my hand is straight.

It has taken me a few attempts to get the hang of the new motion and finding the correct pressure to cut.  Its definitely a lot more comfortable. Blade closure I think is a little awkward.

I do recommend watching the video.  If you decide to order one, then make sure you buy blades as they have different circular centers with no additional groves like the olfa blades.. 

There is a back order on left handed cutters as this model is currently being updated. 

Town and Country Quilters Levin

Last night Wendy ( ) and I had the pleasure of speaking at Town and Country Quilters, Levin New Zealand.  Our topic La Passicaglia.
Awards were also presented for their challenge quilts.  My photographs from last night were a major fail, however I do have some photographs of some these quilts before they were hung (I had the pleasure of being the judge).

Theme: use the black and white challenge fabric issued and your quilt must contain two triangles and one circle.

Luchelle Cotterill

Helen Cole

Paula Shailer

Heather Easton

Paula Shailer

Paula Shailer

Wendy Tunley

Helen Cole
Very clever use of the challenge fabric - chest and inside tail.

I admire any quilter who makes a challenge quilt and I was surprised that several quilters had made more than one.
Great night.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Auckland Festival of quilts part three

The Aotearoa which is the national quilting body of New Zealand held a green challenge. These were displayed at this exhibtion.  Massive response from so many talented quilters.

It was hard to get a full view of all these quilts in one photograph but by looking at these, 
You can appreciate the talent using a wide range of techniques. For more info please visit

 The cold watch by Charlotte Scott

The Chisel Master by Alison Laurence.

X marks the spot by Barrie Ashton

Medieval Magic by Trish Everard.  First prize by amateur made by one person.

Focus by Alison Laurence.  Judges choice.

Rural 1 by Robyn Croft. Judges choice

Fifths fusion 2 by Robyn Croft

Wacky flags n wheels by Sandy Feringa

Moonshadows 2 by Anne Jouie. Second prize professional bed.

Detail of Moonshadows 2

Ally's quilt by Vimia Govender

Detail of Ally's quilt

Detail of Ally's quilt.

Misty mountain pond by Betty McLean. Quilted by Linda Young.
Best commercial quilting and second prize wall hanging quilt.

Detail misty mountains pond

Otterman Odyssey by Valda Sutton

Any fish by Sonja Prchal

Memories of flight by Charlotte Scott. Highly commended professional wall quilt.

Australian Desert by Carol Sorrell

Sweet Heart by Kerry Glen

Abstraction by Rosemary Rush. First prize professional.

Dancing colourful flowers by Mei Qiu

Turkish delight by Gea van Holst

Old library door by Ngaire Flemming. Highly commended amateur wall hanging.

Detail Old library door

Snake charmers by Heather Dockery. Second Prize amateur large quilt.

Home, pray, love by Jackie McDonald. First amateur large domestic machine.

The Caswell quilt by Betty McLean. Quilted by Linda Young. 
Best machine appliqué or machine embellishment.
First prize small quilt by multiple makers. (I wonder if it should say large quilt?)

Detail The Caswell

The Caswell Quilt by Ann Gregory. Quilted by Jacqui Carl.
Best Amateur.

Both previous quilts designed by Corliss Searcey. (Threadbear).

The nearly insane journey by Sue Flego. Quilted by Judi Schon
First prize large quilt multiple makers.

Finding my way by Sybil Lightbourne. Quilted by Judi Schon.
Highly commended large quilt multiple makers.

Rhythm  of the Sea - Amplified by Kathleen Dunn.
Quilted by Jeanie Balemi.

Willa's quilt by Marian Kleist. Quilted by Sandy Mayo

Batik Silken Leaves by Alison Hartley. Quilted by Yoke Martens

Detail Batik silken leaves

Frida by Ngaire Fleming. Quilted by Leonie Wihongi.
Highly commended wall quilt multiple makers

Barn Blooms by Joy Wiseman. Quilted by Susan Trendall.

Volcanic Fires of Taupo by Carol Fearon.

Detail Volcanic fires of Taupo

Kisses for my daughter by Donna Cumming ( photo from my symposium 2015 post as I the one I took during the Auckland exhibtion failed).
Best Use of colour and first prize wall hanging multiple makers

Detail Kisses for my daughter

Dear Jane by Mary Hawke. Quilted by Colleen Burr.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these quilts.  More quilts in my previous two posts as well.  There were so many more quilts on display than what is shown here.
The exhibtion was held at the AMI Netball Center in Auckland New Zealand.  Fantastic space and lighting.  Demonstrations, quilt sales and lots of vendors.

Thank you to Alison Lawrence who spent time with me talking about Auckland Guild challenges.
In fact one challenge that I didn't photograph was the 2014 challenge quilts. The theme, your favourite book. Fantastic theme.
Great to see some familiar faces including our famous Wendy Welsh from Wellingion our La Passacaglia guru.  Google La Passacaglia if you haven't seen these quilts.

Thank you Auckland. I had a very enjoyable weekend topped of by Taste of Auckland wine and food festival with my quilting buddy Sandra Kennington.
This girl flew home very happy.