Sunday, 23 November 2014

This weeks show n tell.. Spoonflower Christmas Tree Design & fabric lights.

My latest project has been fun and a good reminder how rusty one can get when one hasn't free-motioned for a while.

Earlier this year I bought a print from Spoonflower.
You can up load your own design, choose a product/fabric and they print it for you.  You can also choose designs from their independent designers advertised on their site and have these printed.  I searched for Christmas Trees and this is the panel I choose to have printed.  Its called Christmas Tree in Chalk designed by Cynthia Frenette.

I have quilted it and inserted fabric lights. 

Inserting the lights was a little tough.  I found a great on line video and followed their suggestions. 
Planning the layout of the lights was important both on the front of the quilt and ensuring there was enough cable length between marked placements on the back.  I used pins to mark the hole placements, then freemotioned filled in circles ready for cutting (I did test the eyelet stitches on my machine but they were to small).  I found digging the hole for the lights was really hard -  though three layers of fabric plus a solid mass of machine stitching.  Once my holes were made I placed PVA glue on the hole edges to prevent further fraying.
The other problem I noticed was that the light head was bigger than the light shaft so once the light was inserted into the hole - it tended to protrude a lot more.
I used cable ties on the back of the lights to prevent them from protruding further into the front of the quilt.  I then stitched down the cables putting the power box into a pouch.
Speaking with a customer yesterday she told me she made small button holes for her lights.  Now that to me sounded like a very clever idea and used she also used stickers for marking her light placements.

power pouch
cable ties around the light shafts

Customer show en tell this week.

Lovely in Pink.  Scroll in and check out the quilting.

All the fabric used in this quilt has been made from our customer's Son's PJs
he had out grown.
I think that's a really clever idea.

Happy stitching this week.  I'm about to start making a Christmas Tree skirt class sample for classes next year.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Show en Tell this week & "knitting for cool kids"

I have had a wonderful three days of work.  Customers have been bringing in their completed crafts (best part of the job).  Check out these photos.

Four sided kaleidoscope blocks

cot quilt

Crotchet baby's pram blanket using Loyal DK

SOOOOOOOOOO cute.  Knitting broach. 

Our speedy knitter - Janice.
Full story below.
I joined a Facebook page "Knitting for Cool Kids" six months ago.  It currently has 126 members and not all of them live in New Zealand.  The objective is to knit scarves, beanies, mittens/gloves and slippers for children who attend the lower decile primary schools (lower income areas).  Once you become a member, there are patterns available within the group.  Its awesome - great way to use up left over yarn, knit a quick project and do some good at the same time. 
Janice is a regular customer who just loves knitting and crotchet.  Today she dropped of her fifth load of knitwear - 4 scarves, 2 beanies, 13 pairs of slippers and 15 pairs of fingerless gloves.  Go Janice.

Happy stitching friends.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Cartoonify your friends

I was fortunate to attend a class by Camilla Watson called Cartoonify your friends last Saturday.

 Camilla is a wonderful and very clever tutor.  Here is a sample of one of her quilts exhibited at the NZ Quilt Symposium at Taupo 2013

When it comes to faces - she is very clever.  Please visit Camilla's website:

So when Coastal Quilters advertised that she was running a class - I made sure I could attend.

The objective is to cartoonify friends or family.  I found it quite tough drawing the faces in my piece.  Camilla asked if I was emotionally attached to my subjects.  True, I am so this explained the difficulty I was having.

Here is my current progress.

Photograph taken several years ago of my Uncle, Aunt, my Brother and myself
I have drawn cartoon characters of my Uncle and Aunt.
This piece will be their Christmas Gift this year.  Lol - No my Aunt doesn't have
a beard - I had a lot of trouble with the chin.
I have chosen the wrong side of this Kiwiana Koru fabric
as the background to embroider on.
Beginning of embroidering.
I will post the finished wall hanging when its complete.

Great fun class, bit emotional but once I had their faces drawn it came together quickly.

25th of February 2015. I've just realised that I hadn't posted my completed piece from attending this class.
It's a cushion - hadn't been stuffed at the stage I took this photo before Christmas.

Schmetz sewing machine needles

I took a snapshot with my Ipad on the Schmetz website today. 
Check out the colour coding of their needles.  No more struggling to read the tiny tiny engraving on the needle shafts to find out what size they are.