Saturday, 12 October 2013

Singer Assignment

Earlier this year I was asked to make a "story" (display) for Singer Sewing Machines to be used as a display at trade shows and fairs.  A story is a collection of items that are related either by fabric, colour, appearance or subject.  One rule.  Items must be made using a Singer Sewing Machine.

My theme:
I used Singer's brand colour - Red (for impact) and my fabric choice was Dupion Silk.  I prefer the rough texture of dupion as opposed to flat silk. Silk doesn't fade and the colours are always rich and vibrant.

I used Simplicity 2478 for the Evening Jacket.  On the Lapels I embroidered a red rose from the Singer Future Lace Embroidery Collection.

To compliment the jacket I made a fascinator using Clover's "Sweetheart Rose Maker" (Art no. 8472) using the same red dupion silk.  Added to this I added a comb, printed mesh and silver thread.

To complete the "First Story" I made a clutch bag using a range of dupion silk colours and braid.  This clutch is my own design with a covered button and machine embroidered flowers completing it.

My second "Story" is a range of masks all made from dupion silk and using various machine embroidery lace designs.

To give the masks shape, I used black wool batting soaked in Powertex Product, moulded onto mask moulds and left to dry for several days.

To secure the mask backs to fronts I used small pieces of Velcro.

 The third story is made up of the Evening Jacket, Fascinator and Red Mask

 Hopefully I will get pictures of these pieces on display at the next craft fair.

Machine quilting for beginners

I'm having problems with this blog.  I've lost my class list and am unable to repost it.  Hopefully BlogSpot will sort this out soon.

We are nearing the end of this years classes.  Today machine quilting for beginners.  There is always a  surprise or two as students surprise themselves on their ability.

Check out these pictures.

"Machingers" gloves - supplied by Quilters Touch.  Recommended for machine quilting.
Now lets see if I can get BlogSpot to behave.  Happy quilting friends.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Japanese Meshwork

I never seem to tire teaching this awesome technique. Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday's class.