Saturday, 7 November 2015

Auckland festival of quilts part two

There was a clever display by the Marsden Material Girls.
It started from this original photograph taken by Claire Fleming of the McLean Homestead in Nova Scotia Drive, Waipu New Zealand.
This photograph was enlarged to A3 size, converted into black and white and then sliced into four.
Each member of this group was then given a packet containing one photograph slice, batting and calico.  They had free reign with techniques.  This is their stunning result once the slices were placed together.
The artists work in this photograph are:
Christine Donelley, Jan Aitkin, Kay O'Hagan, Kerry Glen, Margaret Meier, Margo Wakelin, Marian Platt, Ngaire Fleming, Robyn Moffit, Sonya Prchal, Susan McRae and Wendy Legarth
Some famous NZ quilters in this group of ladies.  I loved this idea and it must have been fun.

Karen Mersiades is from Brisbane, Australia and as o e of the exhibtion judges had a small display of her work.  Her title is "The Essence of Australia" .  Karen has a keen interest in ethnic stitching, the traditional quilting and patchwork styles from indigenous communities.

Club challenge.

"Leaving" by Trish Downie
"Moving across town" by Chris Behersing

"Twilight" by Jo Hollings.

Gecko Echo by Karen Lee

I admire any quilter than make challenge quilts.

I'm of to the food festival today.  Quilters dream - exhibtion one day and food the next.



  1. Some lovely quilts and a fabulous new venue, I enjoyed myself as did many others.

  2. thanks for the coverage of the Green Challenge for Aotearoa Quilters. It was completely sponsored by Annie's Quilt Store in Ashburton which is a terrific store with internet options. chekc it out on


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