Thursday, 12 November 2015

Town and Country Quilters Levin

Last night Wendy ( ) and I had the pleasure of speaking at Town and Country Quilters, Levin New Zealand.  Our topic La Passicaglia.
Awards were also presented for their challenge quilts.  My photographs from last night were a major fail, however I do have some photographs of some these quilts before they were hung (I had the pleasure of being the judge).

Theme: use the black and white challenge fabric issued and your quilt must contain two triangles and one circle.

Luchelle Cotterill

Helen Cole

Paula Shailer

Heather Easton

Paula Shailer

Paula Shailer

Wendy Tunley

Helen Cole
Very clever use of the challenge fabric - chest and inside tail.

I admire any quilter who makes a challenge quilt and I was surprised that several quilters had made more than one.
Great night.


  1. Hi Shirley
    Many thanks for judging and awarding the prizes for the Challenge Quilts at Town and Country Quilters last night. Your talk with Wendy was very well received by our members, and everyone is in awe of those beautiful La Passacaglia quilts you are both making. And as for your dress - just stunning!

  2. Thank you Jenny, it was a pleasure. Both Wendy and I enjoyed ourselves. Could you possibly give me the names of the quilters whose quilts I have displayed in this post so I can label them. Thanks


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