Saturday, 17 December 2016

New QAYG techniques class

There are several ways in which you can assemble blocks and join them together using Quilt As You Go techniques.   These techniques are fantastic especially if you have trouble quilting a large quilt (strength, injury, space etc.).   Your quilt may consist of blocks that need to be handled with care so rolling it up and pushing though your machine could damage your blocks.
There is also the cost factor.  We have all sent our quilts away to be quilted.  They look stunning when they come back however, if you make a lot of quilts, this can be extremely expensive.

Most QAYG quilts are made using a set quilt block design.  In this class we work though different block constructions  and joining  techniques. 

Regard this sampler as a reference.  Its all about planning and how to avoid the pitfalls.  Use up your scraps.  Its not meant to be pretty - just a great opportunity to learn, understand and practise.  Once finished, you have it always to refer to.

Most of all, its all done on your sewing machine NO HANDWORK including the binding. 

Next years class dates to be advised.

Happy stitching

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wedding gift

I can now show you my latest piece.  It was a gift for a lovely couple who married last month.

It's thread painted using wonderfil.  The image drawn first using fabrico pens.

French knitting

I French knitted one 50gram ball of Wendy's merino yarn then wove it to create a cowl.  Unfortunately it didn't hold together after several months. So I have remade it using Anna Hicks idea of crocheting it together.  Check out Anna's work. Her online name is Hix Girl.

I have used alpaca indiecita to crochet it together.

Happy stitching.

I love summer

This is my next sewing project.  Thanks to equilter for these digitised panel prints.

Paris (on the left) will be my front centre panel and Rome the back.

Now to choose my complementary fabric.  Could be a wee bit tricky.
Will post pic when its made.

Happy sewing friends