Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Martelli Rotary Cutter

I have hurt my left arm mainly due to over use.  For a while now I have been searching for new ways to help with my rotary cutting both at home and at work. 

I came across this link about the Martelli Cutting system.

I ordered a left handed cutter which arrived in the post two weeks ago along with a packet of blades.  Today is the first time have been able to test it out.

Left handed Martelli Rotary Cutter with black handle
Martelli Rotary Cutters for right hands are Red
Side view

Your hand rolls over to assist with cutting using a normal rotary cutter.
Here my hand is straight.

It has taken me a few attempts to get the hang of the new motion and finding the correct pressure to cut.  Its definitely a lot more comfortable. Blade closure I think is a little awkward.

I do recommend watching the video.  If you decide to order one, then make sure you buy blades as they have different circular centers with no additional groves like the olfa blades.. 

There is a back order on left handed cutters as this model is currently being updated. 

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