Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Entrelac Knitting

I have completed this cowl for a friend's birthday next month using the Entrelac knitting style.  The yarn is a new DK Indiecita colour (code 7757 deep blue) by . If you haven't seen their yarn range - check out their website.
To learn how to knit this technique, google "Entrelac Knitting".  There are several " you tube" videos and other sites that offer a free pattern.  Some I notice use six stitches in each block.  I have used eight.

Yesterday one of our regular customers who is a beautiful knitter showed us this shawl (below) she has just completed for a friend's birthday (lucky friend).  I happened to have my mobile in my pocket and with her permission photographed it.  Its made from two ply hand dyed yarn. She came in with it rapped in the towel she had blocked it on.  If you can, scroll into the photograph for detail of the lace work - you'll see how perfect her stitches are.


Its great when people bring their work into the shop - its like a "show en tell every day."

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  1. Wow the Entre lac cowl you've made is gorgeous and such a fab colour I am sure your friend will love it! Your customers shawl is stunning too that must have taken her ages and a lot of patience, totally worth it though as its beautiful!


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