Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Entrelac Knitting

This style of knitting is really cool and I have purchased patterns from both and Craftsy knitting site.  Both were for scarfs.  I prefer to wear cowls at work as they do not get in the way.

My first trial cowl is made with a gorgeous hand dyed Malabrigo  merino (12ply) from Holland Yarns in Petone (NZ).  I have knitted it length wise with the ends stitched together.   Its colourful and cosy to wear.  It was a little baggy so I have folded it over and stitched on a button.

My second cowl is knitted in  Indiecita baby alpaca DK yarn.  Using a solid colour definitely enhances the knitting pattern.
This time I knitted the cowl width wise.  Entrelac knitting works in blocks of eight stitches so I cast on 96 stitches.  This gave me one firm and one loose edge which enables me to wear this cowl in several different ways.

firm edge on the top of this cowl - loose edge at bottom.

Firm edge is on my shoulders - loose edge around my throat opening to the center.

Firm edge on my shoulders - loose edge around
 my throat opening to one side.
Loose edge on my shoulders with firm
 edge around my throat.
close up of the Entrelac knitting.

I'm about to start my third piece for a friend.  This time the cowl will be a little longer with button holes.  I will knit it length wise.  Will post when its finished.

Happy stitching friends.

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