Friday, 3 October 2014

Entrelac Knitting continued & fabric origami

WOW - World of Wearable Arts.  I attended this inspiring event last night.  The chorography, colour, music, dance and of course the costumes were outstanding.  If you haven't been - put this annual event on your to do list.  Make sure you pay a little extra to get good seats.

I haven't forgotten how to quilt.  I can't post any of my recent quilts as I am completing them for entry into NZ Symposium to be held in January.  One rule is that our quilts must not have been previously shown (displayed) or posted to the web.

I have been playing with fabric origami. Here's one of the blocks I have been making.  Couple of new ideas forming.  Watch this space :).

 Back to Entrelac knitting.  Here's my latest projects.

Cowl for my daughter made from NZ Tepako 8ply wool
Its 1.4 meters long and is wrapped twice around the head

I intend to felt this piece made from John Q creative DK wool.  Its a cheap yarn available from Knit World and is specially made for felting.  Most of our yarn sold has become machine washable so it won't felt.

I'll post the results next week.

Happy quilting and knitting.

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