Monday, 8 September 2014

Four sided Kaleidoscope class - Coastal Quilters

Wow I had fun on Saturday in the Technology block at Plimmerton School with members of Coastal Quilters. Great class and relaxed atmosphere.
Check out these photographs.

To create more spin these blocks were
cut into triangles. 

These look far better on point and blocks will "pop" when surrounded by a
solid colour.

To reduce the strong red strip from over
powering this delicate print squares
were then sub-cut into triangles
thus reducing the strong red strip
and enhancing the elegant flowers.

 By double pinning the center seams (June Nixey tip) before sewing - each student had perfect seams.


  1. Gorgeous! I am always trying to imagine the original fabrics! I just love the transformation!

  2. Each one is so beautiful! I need to try this block.


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