Sunday, 26 May 2013

Japanese Meshwork Coastal Quilts at Pataka

A very enjoyable meshwork class yesterday with members of Coastal Quilters.  A couple of ladies attended this class for a second time to try out more complicated weaves.  Check out these photos.

Lovely spacious venue in the Education Center of Pataka Art Gallery.   Bonus - opportunity to view Coastal Quilters quilt exhibition.


  1. Hi,
    I would like to do some japanese meshwork. I live in Holland, so I cannot folow your class. Do you know a book in which the technique is explaned with several patrons?
    Thank you. Greetings from Trix Brandenburg

  2. Hi Trix, All of my relatives live in Holland. One day I'll go back for a visit.
    I have a picture of two books I recommend in my meshwork posting dated 2nd July 2012. Click onto Japanese Meshwork on the right hand side of my screen, then onto older posts. The books are in Japanese but very visual. If you look at my needs list - it will help you with the tools required.

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  4. Hi Shirley, I would love to learn this technique, I do wish you were here in the USA, so that would be possible. I’m trying to find the book you mentioned, hope to find it. I’m pretty crafty and think I could teach myself to do the technique, but do you have any pointers for me. I noticed in the pictures that everyone seems to be working from a stapled group of pages, was this a class handout? If so would it be possible to get a copy... I’m willing to pay for instructions, just like if I was taking the class. I do so appreciate any help you can give me. Kind regards, Laurie


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