Sunday, 16 June 2013

Back to Basics

Can you remember making your first couple of quilts?  How excited you were and you couldn't wait to try something new?  I've really enjoy teaching beginners.  Their enthusiasm is very lifting and rewarding. 

Yesterday I ran my first Triangle Play class.  This class is a follow on from my Patchwork for Beginners or for quilting "newbies".  It's aim to give students an understanding and confidence to work with triangles.

As quilters we quite often forget about the blocks we created in our "early days" of quilting.  We are so busy trying to find the next fantastic design with the latest fabrics.

The pictures below are from one block from three of my enthusiastic students from yesterday's class.  By re-arranging units within a block changes the blocks appearance.

So back to basics. By turning units around within a block you can make really exciting intricate patterns.  This has inspired me to return to my stash and create another stash buster quilt.

One of the most fantastic quilting tools for working with triangles within squares is the Tri-Recs Tools designed by Darlene Zimmerman and Joy Hoffman.  I have had my set for over 10 years.  Very hard to find these in NZ but I notice Thimbles n Threads Upper Hutt stock these and Sawmillers in Te Marua can get them as well.  This product is imported directly from Quiltworks Wholesalers in the USA and requires a Business account (this is why only limited shops stock this tool).  Of course if your ordering fabrics from other US shops (i.e. equilter, Keepsake, Fat 1/4 shop etc.) and they stock them - buy a set or two (they make great gift for quilting friends).  In NZ they currently retail for approx. $40.00 (depending on freight)

 Happy quilting.

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