Sunday, 19 May 2013

Japanese Meshwork - Sawmillers

Another exciting successful class at Sawmillers yesterday.  Take a peek.

Tip one - push weight down on your iron to help slide it along the bias strip you are making.

Tip two - use the flat looped bodkin to help your claw bodkin under multiple strips.

Of course we had a Devonshire Tea for our Lunch Break - Thank you Kevin

Tip Three - the fusible tape used on this block for some reason would not attach it to the background fabric.  Problem was solved using a piece of fusible web ironed onto the background fabric. 
I have had instances where the tape will not attach to fabric due to the fabric surface.  Sometimes if there appears to be a sheen or some form of residue on the fabric surface it is advisable to prewash the fabric.  In this case the fabric had been prewash so therefore I'm assuming we may have had a faulty tape.
Very enjoyable class with lovely ladies.  Thank you.


  1. Thanks for the great day, really enjoyed and have finished my tumbling block piece and have cut and ironed some ready for the star block now.

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    1. Fantastic Christine, I look forward to seeing your finished blocks


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