Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Kaleidoscope Quilts

Making a kaleidoscope quilt is like going on a big adventure.  You have an idea of where you are going but you have no idea of what will happen and what you will see.  Each block becomes exciting as it is unique to all the others.  I've heard sounds of glee coming from my students.

As you look through this posting you will see the orginal fabric, final quilt and close up views.

It is important to use a good quality fabric where the repeat patterns are exact.  In this first quilt the fabric is of a poor quality, the repeat patterns were off set therefore off setting the centre spinning of each block.


Japanese fabrics are wonderful to use for this technique.

Top before quilting
I bought "One Block Wonder" to learn how to make the
two dimensional blocks in the centre.  Didn't enjoy making those.

I was busy making the Iris so I had this quilt quilted by Sue Bs quilting service.

There was not enough variation in the fabric used for this quilt so when I put the blocks together it just looked awful.  The blocks appeared to be "fighting" one another for attention.
The quilt was saved by including the brown fabric thus separating the blocks from each other.

The final appearance of each of these quilts was unpredictable.  That's what makes this technique a great adventure.  You must try it.


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  1. My favourite so far is the Japanese print kaleidoscope :) Looking forward to seeing this quilted. hugs jx


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