Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Art Quilt - Essentially Jesus

This quilt was made from a scene in the "Passion of Christ".  Pictures below show the various stages of construction.

Sky has been painted with fabric paint, then once dry quilted (3 layers of fabric)

 Cross has been felted.  Buttons (nails) have been sanded and painted.

 Fabric was painted for the body and backed with a fine layer of felt. This enables the stitching (cuts)  to give a dent impression. Hair and beard have been felted onto the body.
 Thorns have been constructed using wash away.  This picture shows it pinned out to dry.
 The cross and body have been appliqued to background using both machine and hand applique.  Cuts have been accentuated by "dry" brushing fabric paint onto the wounds.  Contours of the face have been formed by pulling stitches through to the back of the face.  Similar technique used when making a dolls face.
 Final piece (below). 
The bible verse I have associated with this piece comes from 1 Peter 2:24 – the last line “By his wounds we are healed”.



  1. I've always wondered how I could make an applique of Jesus on the cross for St Joseph Shrine in Yarnell . Now that the Shrine was damaged by the Yarnell Hill Fire this gives me something to work with for a quilt to raise money for the Shrine. Thank You! This is a remarkable piece of art you have accomplished. Barbara

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    1. Every quilt or item we create has a story. Your comment Barbara has added to my quilt's story. I'm glad that I have been of some help. We heard about the loss of lives and the devastation of your town all the way here in New Zealand. All the best.


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