Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Art Quilts - Fabulous Flowers

Fab flower1 (left) designed from photograph by Delma O'Conner (below).  Three layers of fabric heavily quilted / stitched with variations of grey threads.  Flower is fused first then stitched over.  Final size of piece is approx A4
Photograph by Delma O'Conner (2010)

Close up to Fab flower1 - shows stitch detail.

 Fab Flower2 (left) designed from photograph by Delma O'Conner (below) 

Same size & manner of construction as Fab flower1 however I chickened out trying to replicate the rain drops.  I did try lots of various methods and substances but because this piece has a fine chiffon mesh over the top the substances I tried would not sit on the surface.

Photograph by Delma O'Conner (2010)

Replications of these photographs were made with Delma's permission.


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