Sunday, 16 June 2013

Apps I have on my Ipad

I love my Ipad - because I can see the screen and its a very handy quilting reference tool.

Here is a list of the Apps I use quite often or encourage my beginners to use.  Some are free - others aren't.

 SCHMETZ needles (free).  This app tells you everything you need to know about sewing machine needles - needles by fabric type, needle types, solving problems, needle knowledge.  Very easy to use with their drop down menus and great pictures.

I should point out though - SCHMETZ will fit most domestic sewing machines and sewing machine companies like Janome, Bernina, Singer have their own needle codes/colours.  When using this app I look for the type of needle I require for the job I intend to do then look through my Janome or Singers (depending on the machine I'm using) needles to see if there is one that matches.  If not - then I use a SCHMETZ.

While I'm talking about sewing machine needles - Janome have just released their "Purple Tip Needles" for all Janome models.  These effectively prevents  skipped stitches when sewing stretch fabrics, quilt layers and for sewing across the hem.  So I have a packet and I will test drive them when I free motion a quilt later this week.  They are a little more expensive than the standard needles.

Very easy to use - has a massive quilt block library.  All you do is choose your block, enter required block size,fabrics colours and it calculates your fabric requirement (its in yards).  It also has a layout page which so you can see your chosen block repeated as a quilt.

I'm a visual girl so when it comes to maths - forget it. 
This app also known as "The Quilter's Little Helper"  does your fabric calculations for you.  Easy option to change measurements from inches to Metric.

 Keepsake Quilting is a quilt shop in America.  A lot of NZ quilters receive their catalogue.  I find them an interesting reference for new "toys" for quilting.  You choose which catalogue to download.  It does take a while to download.

Simply the best (my opinion anyway)

This App is a must for Janome users.  It's not free and you need to be linked to Wi-Fi.  It lists all the different types of feet available for Janome sewing machines.  I should point out that these also fit the majority of Elna machines.
It includes the new machine models with the 9mm wide feet.

When you select a foot, you are provided with a part number, description of how it is used and a video demonstration.
Includes an option to list the feet you own and to create a wish list.

What about commission work - tracking the hours it takes to make a quilt.
I've loaded HoursTracker

This app can be used for any task really - not just for quilting. You set up a job then just click in "Clock in Now" to start your time, then "Clock out Now" to stop.  It tracks your hours - very simple.
You will be surprised how quickly time mounts up.

as Bugs Bunny would say - "that's all folks"

Happy quilting

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