Sunday, 18 September 2016

Knitted Cushion Pattern

As promised on my "dontwaittocreate" facebook page, here is the pattern for my cushion.

I'm a girl who likes visual textures and its a real bonus if the texture is easy to create.  I have no idea what the name of this stitch is.  I watched a friend use it and the effect speaks for itself.

Here is my cushion using Natural Chunky wool supplied by Naturally Yarns

The lower half of this photo is the "right" side of the pattern.  The top is the "wrong" side.

I measured my cushion - 40cm wide x 45cm length
The length of your cast on stitches should be narrower than the width of your cushion to prevent it hanging loose on the sides.

Here's what I did.

Pattern Row 1: sl2 k1 (sl1 k1) repeat brackets until last two stitches k2
              Row 2: sl1 purl to the end (slipping the first stitch helps keep the sides straight)

p = purl, K = knit, Co = cast off, sl = slip stitch, m = make, pat = pattern

Cast on 70 stitches using 5.5mm needles
(if making a larger or smaller cushion cast on an even number)
Pattern until work measure 85cm ending with a purl row.

Building contrast section.
Next row (right side of work facing): purl
Next row: sl2 k1 (sl1 k1) repeat until last two stitches k2
Repeat the last two rows until work measures 97cm ending with a knit row

Button Holes
Next row: sl1 P15, CO2, P16, CO2, P16, CO2, P16
Next row:Sl2, pat13, m2 in next stitch, pat 15, m2 in next stitch, pat 15 m2 in next stitch, pat to end.
Next row P
Pattern 4 rows then cast off.

To make
With wrong side facing, fold beginning edge (start of work) up. 
Bring end or work (button hole section) down over lapping until the beginning edge lines up with the start of the button hole section (where the pattern changes).  This over lap can allow for adjustment to fit cushion size.
Pin side seams so your flap sides are in the correct place, turn work inside out and slip stitch the sides together.
Turn work so right side is facing.  Line up button holes, and mark for sewing on your buttons.
Insert your cushion.

I have used 1 1/2 hanks of this yarn.  With the left over yarn I made this cowl

Have fun

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