Thursday, 1 September 2016

French Knitting

I have been playing around with my Automatic French Knitter.  I discovered it at a craft fair three years ago.  The shop I work for will be attending the Wellington Quilt and Craft Fair next week to be held in Porirua and we will be selling these little gems for $20 each (half the price I paid for mine !!)

Here are some of my samples.

Using blocking pins, I have laid out my cord then woven using
 8ply cotton knitting yarn
Completed Article - Cowl.
I have used Boho sock yarn to make the cord

100gms McKenzie 4ply made into a cord using the
Automatic French Knitting Tool.
Then knitted with size 12mm needles to create head/ear warmers


Yarn has a "crepe" look about it.
A little bit crazy - coasters.  Details on how to make this at
On her blog she describes how to use the auto French knitter correctly.
Finally - I threaded memory wire into the centre of my
cord using the Clover Bodkin.
I have to admit this is a little warm to wear.
We are in for another crazy week with the shop closed (where I work) for painting, having to furniture and fittings plus move all the stock for painting prep, then pack to take as much as we can to the Wellington Quilt and Craft Fair where we have lots of specials.  See you there.

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