Saturday, 12 December 2015

My obsession with colouring in fabric

In my earlier post (28 October 2015) I showed you my dress I randomly coloured in using fabric pens.  I have had a lot of fun with this dress.  Each time I have washed it I coloured in more flowers and added additional colours.

So to continue my obsession I have started another using a fabric from the same Riley Blake Parisian range (supplied by Nutex Wholesalers NZ) as my previous dress.

My dress will have two panels (one front & one back) coloured. 

I initially bought two packs of fabrico pens and over time a couple of colours have run out (as expected).  Some shops sell these pens as singles which is great.  However if you buy them, ask to test them  first in the shop before purchasing.

I replaced my pink pen only to find that the fine tip end drew a deep red colour.  I also replaced the tangerine only to find the pen is basically dry and the fine tip end was useless.  This can be really annoying if you have to travel a distance to purchase them or if you order by post.

Pink fabrico pen - Fat end is pink but the fine tip (on the right) is more crimson.
I really enjoy using these pens but I think its also important to note that the outside colour of the pen does not necessarily reflect the colour it will draw.

Notice the pen colours versus their actual colours.
I will update this post with my dress finished for Christmas day.  

Back to colouring in.

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