Monday, 28 December 2015

Meshwork pencil case for a friend

Happy holidays. Its a great time to cruise the web for ideas and stimulation.

I have a friend who is incredibly generous and has given me lots of advice over the years.  She ( I can't mention her name - still a secret) is also a very talented sewer so I have struggled to come up with the perfect gift for her.

A spark ignited when scrolling through pinterest pencil cases last week as I have decided to give her fabrico pens.  This clever pencil pouch appealed.

How to sew a pencil case or make up bag with a zip DIY tutorial.

My friend also likes the meshwork star version of baby blocks and I know she will never bother making this for herself.

Meshwork Star

For this pouch I will use three colours to create a meshwork star outer fabric.  The two greens will form the star and the purple the hexagon surround. 
30cm of each colour cut into 3/4" strips.



I laid  each green on either side of the purple (picture right) gave the star a half and half effect (above).  This didn't appeal to me so I unpicked my weaving.

 I laid each green in pairs between the rows of purple.

This gave the effect below.  Much more pleasing to my eye.
I quilted the panel around each hexagon to secure the weave as it bends into its new shape.

The total size of my woven panel was 11" x 11".  This gave me plenty of space to cut into the required shape.  I had to vary the instructions for this pouch as the meshwork was to thick to incorporate as a seam.  I also used a Vislon 70cm zip rather than a dress zip.  I liked the chunky look it gave and it is more in proportion with the meshwork.  The only snag - the sewing machine needle will not sew through a vislon zip so I had to hand bound it.
Bottom of zip hand bound.

Side of completed pencil pouch

top of pencil pouch

Inside pouch. 

I ironed on a firm interfacing onto the lining fabric then hand stitched into the pouch rather than sewing it in at the same time as the zip.  I had to improvise from the techniques used in the pouch tutorial due to the thickness of my fabric.

Now to fill this pouch with fabrico pens.  Mine are nearly drained.

Happy Stitching and Happy New Year. xx


  1. Lucky, lucky friend! The pouch is beautiful, just love it, Shirls

  2. Woah!I thought I was good at sewing until I saw this. Amazing!

  3. This is beautiful! I came across your Instagram & had to come see this in more detail. I've just started to be aware of this fabric weaving/mesh work and I think it may end up being addicting! I love the pouch you made with the panel.

  4. Thanks Lori and yes it can be addictive. I'm now playing around with South Pacific weaves. So many cultures. I'm currently writing a class where students can design their own weaves. So much fun. shirls


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