Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Playing around with Fabrico pens

I have taken a couple of days off work to spend time catching up with UFOs (unfinished objects), WIPs (works in progress) or PHDs (projects half done) in my sewing room.  Total bliss.  BUT I have got distracted and started making two new dresses for this summer and an evening bag using my stacking bowtie technique.

I have had this idea (inspired by all the adult colouring books) for a while to colour in fabric for a dress.  The fabric I have chosen is Parisian by Riley Blake Designs.  The fabric pens I am using are Fabrico (the only available product I could find in New Zealand).   Here's my progress so far.

First step sample pens on my fabric

Second step - Iron to set colours.

Third step was to wash the fabric.
Note - cold wash only.

This is the front of my dress. I have added the darts
and now will place markers onto the flowers I intend to colour.
So I now will turn up the music and spend the rest of the day colouring in.  Just a bit early for a glass of wine.
The start to my doodling. :)

Will update this post with dress completed.


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