Friday, 2 October 2015

Four Sided Kaleidoscope Needs List

Four Sided Kaleidoscope quilt
In this one day class students will be shown how to create kaleidoscope blocks using one fabric using a four pattern repeat.  No block is alike.  Think of this quilt as a mystery quilt.  You have no idea how it will look until you have sewn all your blocks and laid them out.  Watch your blocks spin.  Every block has three different individual looks that you can choose from before it is sewn.

Original Fabric

Transformed into this

Benedictus Tiles

City Scapes
Needs List
Sewing machine:     ¼” sewing foot  
                                    New needle + Spares
Quilt tools:                15” long clear ruler (usually 6 or 6.5” wide)
                                    Square ruler (any size between 6”& 10”)
                                    Rotary cutter and cutting board                             
Other items:             Quilting pins
                                    Quick n pick - unpicker
Optional - Large sheet to lay out & pin your blocks (if there is time)

Thread:                     Thread to blend with purchased fabrics for piecing.
                                   (I usually use a standard mid grey or mid beige thread)

Fabric:                         Make sure the fabric you purchase is in one continuous piece.  Fat quarters and                              off cuts will not work.

In my experience the smaller the print designs the more likely that each repeat may not be precise.  Look for a medium to large print with a variety of colour or depth of colour with interesting shapes.  Make sure you love it.

Avoid: lots of straight lines, lots of circles and blank spaces.  Check that there is the correct number of pattern repeats when buying your fabric.

You will require 4 repeats of a pattern of your chosen fabric.  When shopping for your fabric,
take your measuring tape.  Most patterns are repeated approximately 24” or 12”.
If 24” you will need approximately 2.5 metres.  I recommend purchasing 3 metres.  This gives you a little extra fabric to accent borders or for binding
If 12” you will require approx 1.3 meters (I recommend 1.5m). Double this quantity for a larger size quilts i.e. approx 3 metres. 
I’ve started to purchase an additional metre for each kaleidoscope quilt I make and sew it into my backing fabric of the quilt as a reminder of what the original fabric looked like.


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