Thursday, 30 July 2015

Felting my knits

I have started playing around with my knitting machine and still have a very long way to go figuring out how to prevent wavy sides and ends with the pieces I have made.  I was getting random holes but have sorted that one out.  Now to work out how to cast of etc.

wavy sides but at least no holes
I visited DEA Yarns in Levin on a recent Quilting Retreat with friends where I bought a couple of end of line cones of 2 ply.
I intend to use my knitting machine to make fabric.  Once knitted it will be felted using my embellishing machine (so much easier on the hands).  The final outcome should be fabric made for a wool quilt that still is forming in my head.

I have noticed when felting the back becomes fluffy and the front matted.

Here's my progress so far.

The back of fabric showing area felted

Center front section felted

Back showing felting area

Felted sections giving this piece A
textured look

Back to playing around adding other fibres.

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