Friday, 17 July 2015

Easy Thread - Sewing Machine Needles

We have a Retirement Village close to my work and its great to see these wonderful ladies still actively knitting and sewing.  Unfortunately most are starting to have difficulty threading their sewing machine needles.  Of course they bought their machines prior to the invention of the fixed sewing machine needle threader.  For some though, its not just a vision issue, they have unsteady hands or suffer from arthritis.

So what options are available for them?

The traditional hand needle threaders can be frustrating because they are short.  Overlocking threaders are very long and require the user to still line up a bent wire with hook to the needle eye.

The "needle threader insertion tool applicator" works quite well.  Slip the thread into the front claw and line it up with your needle and push it against the needle.  A small thin piece of curved metal pops out and pushes the thread through the needle eye.

There is another alternative which I think is really helpful.  Self-Threading, Quick Threading or Easy Thread Sewing Machine needles (also known as Handicap needles - uggggh!).

We only sell Husqvarna size 100 needles which is ok for the denim weight fabrics.  But I notice that Schmetz offer sizes 80 and 90.

You insert the needle into your machine as per normal.  Then you run your thread down the right hand side of the needle.  The thread slips into a tiny slot next to the needle eye.

Notice the dark line next to the eye of this needle.

They are not recommended for sensitive fabrics like silks and microfibers as the slot may pull / damage the fabric.
I need to do more testing with this needle to answer questions like - will it snap the thread or will the thread come out while sewing through the slot.

Will let you know the outcome.

Happy Sewing

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  1. Oh good! I suggested a lady call you guys to see what you had the other day as all the hand needle threaders also work the wrong way around, and we were both talking about how much we love the ones that slide onto the side of the Bernina 10,11 and 12 series machines. I own three machines and only have one of these beauties, which are basically what you have described. I will send them your way :)


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