Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Machine embroidered Quilt

Once upon a time, I hadn't regarded machine embroidered quilts as true quilts. Over the last three years working in an environment where these machines are sold, I have begun to understand where they fit in the quilting world and have a new respect for them.

Choosing an embroidered design takes the same amount of research as choosing an appliqué design.  Choosing the thread colour is the same as auditioning fabrics for a block. The slightest shade can make or break a block.  It's easy unpicking an appliqué but not so easy with machine embroidery.

Earlier this month I attended Coastal Quilters retreat where I was introduced to Gloria Wilding and saw her quilt she had just completed.  She has been very  clever with her thread colours and chosen pattern designs. Gloria has tied these in beautifully with her feature fabric.

This quilt is very precious to Gloria.  She made this while nursing her sick husband so we are very lucky that She has allowed us to hang this quilt at Welllington Sewing Services so that others can enjoy her quilt to. 

Meet Gloria.

I hoped you enjoyed viewing these photographs and if you can, come into the shop to view this quilt.

Happy stitching.

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