Thursday, 18 June 2015

Black and white fabric - watch out for this new trend

My daughter recently bought this book.  It's a colouring book for adults!
Now this idea is starting to come through in fabrics but more illusional pattern designs rather than images as in this book by Millie Marotts.  I saw some fabric samples this week and these will be available in the shops later this year.  However there are currently other black and white fabrics for sale now if you want to  started colouring in using peminant fabric pens.  Imagine wearing a black and white dress with your own unique splash of colour placed randomly over it.

Here are a couple of images from this book.

Why should children have all the fun?   The detail is fine, as with the new fabrics and so it may take a little time to colour.  It may pay to use good quality perminant colouring fine tip fabric pens.  Always do a test piece and wash it.

Now of to explore more fabrics

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