Monday, 19 January 2015

NZ quilt Symposium Exhibition cont

400 quilters at a Gala dinner last night - Wow what fun.  Back to the exibition.
Persian Dream by Ansa Breytenbach.  Ansa does amazing quilts along this style and she has won international awards.  Google her.  This quilt won the Professional section of the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow catagory.
close up - still doesn't do what my eyes are seeing justic.
Cathedrals, Castles and Ruins by Camilla Watson. Each glass panel is a photograph of her travels in 2008.  Very clever and a cool idea.
Diamond Night by my friend Jan Nankivall.  This is designed by Derek CLockwood.  Jan's known for her geometic quilts.  I love the colour use in this quilt.
This quilt is very tiny.  Merit award in the Miniture catagory "its a small world" Dwarf Star by Christine Singleton. 
Golden Moment by my friend Sandra Kennington.  Finally one of her stunning quilts gets big award - Professional Award in the Rags to Riches Recycled catagory.  Sandra dabbles in paints, dies and thread painting.  Its made from recycled kimono fabrics.  Yes there is a big market among quilters in New Zealand for recycled kimonos and our favourite Asia Gallery shop were we buy these has moved from Wellington to Auckland last year.  Lucky Aucklanders.
Be sure to wear flowers in your hair by Cheryl Shirriffs.  Cheryl has had some fun making this quilt. Something a little different.  Check out the close up photo.
A little bit of crochet and notice the zip.
Ok, this is me. This is my Siren Song made from one striped fabric.  My new class for 2015.

Cat lovers check these two quilts made by Sonya Prchal.  She is a tutor at this symposium.
True Bliss by Sonya Prchall - merit award in the Out and About catagory (this catagory is for quilts that have been displayed at either other exhibitions,  over the web etc).
The detail - cats are thread painted.
My new pillow by Sonya Prchal - awwww so cute and a stunning piece of work. Award in the Out and About in a small world catagory.
Dont you just want to pat this kitty?

Im attending my first class today - Mary Pal with shiva paint sticks.  Should be a lot of fund-.
I still have more photographs from the exibition to share.  Till tomorrow.

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