Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Exhibtion NZ Quilt symposium continuted

I've arrived home safely and had an afternoon cat nap.  I really enjoyed this sympsoium, the visual colour and design plus the hours spent in the merchants mall and with friends.
My Special place by Heather McOnie.  This piece includes silk, hessian, muslin, chiffon, felt,tulle, beads, flax flowers, macrame and wool.  Wow, I think this piece is stunning and well executed.
No Sew HST's (half square triangles) by Helen Beaven. Merit award in the Inspired Fibres section.
Very clever - its all felted.
Moroccan Spice by Gaye Downes. Beautifully woven.  This piece (entered in the miniature section) has been accepted to tour New Zealand in the Suitcase Exhibition.
I managed to get a photograph with the designer/maker Gaye Downes.
Three brothers by Sarah Ward.  I cried as I read through some of the print. This is a quilted collage of excerpts  from WW1 written by her Grandfather and two brothers to NZ family.  This Precious quilt has been selected for the touring suitcase exhibition.
Light through the trees by Jill Bowman.  Won merit award in the out and about section.
Lime and Mango by Sarah Ward. Won merit award in the out and about section.  I love her use of colour.

I should explain that the "out and about" section in this exhibition was for quilts that had either been displayed in other exhibitions or published in either written form or displayed via the internet.

The darkening sky by Sonja Revel.  Hard to tell from this photograph  - there is a lot of different thread colour used to enhance her piecing.  Check out the picture below.
Hopscotch by Alison Laurence. First in the "Games Up" section and also selected for the touring Suitcase exhibition.  I think we can all related to this quilt.
Quilters Rock by Irene Smith.  Merit award in the "Hot of the Press" section.
Lost in Transit by Mary Williams.  Merit award in 'Hot of the Press" section.
Still being followed by Ruth Wheeler.  First in the Hot of the Press section.
Quilts in this catagory had to be inspried or provoked into thought by page 5 of any newspaper. 
Nascondino by Jeanette Orr - first in the Chop and Change catagory.
My Kind of Garden by Sheryl Anicich.  Sheryl is famous for these flowers.
Arch my Eyes by Adrienne Reid.  Won Best Theme Interpretation.  Great use of colour.
Bricks with Brown Garuda by Catherine Croucher.  Catherine uses recycled fabrics/clothing and furnishing fabrics.  Hand quilted.
I like the use of slightly wavy lines.  Gives this piece additional texture.
If you like bling and crazy patchwork you would have photographed this quilt.  Sew Charming by Linda McCutcheon.  Check out the detail below.
Christchurch Rebuilt by Kathleen Burford.  The different visual textures appeal to me.
Origami Duet by Sandra Clark and Myself.  This quilt has been accepted for the touring suitcase exhibition.  We had a bit of fun making this.  The background has been quilted using a twin needle onto furnishing fabric.  Each piece of colour has been folded from a circle and hand appliqued onto the background.

This is the last of my photographs.  Over the next week I hope to post pictures from the exhibition CD.
There is so much more to show you.

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