Monday, 26 May 2014

Latest Japanese Meshwork Class

Check out these photos from yesterday's awesome class. 
Beautiful batiks.  We were surprised at how these two fabrics blended
so the coloured fabric in some places "was lost"
The red really makes these baby blocks stand out.

This photo doesn't do these blocks any justice.  Three distinct sides
to these baby blocks.

Checker board grid.  Bottom left - notice the light coloured strip sloping upwards?
I call this the smiley effect.  It is natural to push your strips upwards
to be butted against the strip above.  Always make sure they are straight to
prevent crooked lines.  There is meant to be a slight gap between strips.

This block is beautiful and elegant.  Unfortunately my photo doesn't do
this block justice. 

These blocks arrived to class in a "dream" box of batiks.
The hardest decision was which ones to use.

Everyone had the correct tools which made this class a "dream" to teach.

Continuing from an earlier post - Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic.  Finally got to use my new gadget.
  I have pulled a rouge thread through to the front of my quilt
ready to be plucked with my tweezers.

I bought this gadget in 1998.  Its used for closing safety pins
when basting your quilts.  I haven't seen these for sale
for quite a while however on of my "newbies" had
great success using a number 5 crotchet hook (10 ply)

Its freezing here at the moment.  I have had a request to make a draft stopper for our office.
Chat soon. 

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