Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Final Kaleidoscope quilts.

I was fortunate to have these two kaleidoscope quilts accepted to hang in NZ's recent quilting Symposium at Taupo.

Scarlet Rose Finale.  I was meant to call it Phantom Rose Finale.  Phantom Rose being the name of the Robert Kauffman fabric I used (picture below)  However after a couple of wines I accidently called it Scarlet Rose when filling out the entry forms.  "Finale" is my statement that this is the last quilt I will be making for a long time exploring kaleidoscopes.
In one of my earlier posts I talked about making kaleidoscopes using squares.  Madelieje (daisy) was my second kaleidoscope entry.
This border fabric used for the above quilt is from Christine Graphs 2012 "Sausalito" series.
Exciting to use - and again the blocks looked better on point.  I unpicked the four black corners four times before I was happy with the quilting.
 Happy quilting friends.

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