Saturday, 27 July 2013

Eyes Only

"Eyes Only" was created through curiosity.  The Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci) is renowned for looking at you from any direction.  I wondered if I could recreate the same illusion.  I believe I have however - the full impact of this quilt appears through a camera lens rather than viewing it up close.
First I painted white drill fabric to create an orange cracked background

I sorted all my pieces of fabric into their different colour ways.  Each colour has "steam a seam" ironed onto the back before cutting up into small pieces.

I slowly built up my image using two pairs of tweezers and a ton of patience.

One thing I noticed was that steam a seam doesn't stay fused for very long onto the painted fabric.
I heavily quilted through all the small pieces matching thread colour.  Notice the orange coming through the gaps? I really wanted to create a rough look.

Finally as a finish - I did not put a binding on this quilt.  This quilt's impact is defiantly from a distance.


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