Friday, 10 August 2012

kaleidoscope tips

Last weekend I attended a quilting retreat with my girlfriends - the Kwilting Katz.  Eleven of us set up our sewing machines on Friday night and sew through to Sunday afternoon before packing up to go home.  We book Standford Retreat (Levin) three times a year.  We are served stunning meals, eat lots of nibbles, sip our glasses of wine, laugh a lot and of course work on our quilts (some more productive than others - overachievers LOL).
One of my friends, Lee, has caught my addiction for Kaleidoscopes - this is her third kaleidoscope quilt (underconstruction).   I just love the fabric she has used - makes you want to say Yeah Baby!!.  Its pretty wild and after spending quite a bit of time testing out various layouts, this is her final result.  I did sew a couple of her rows, but wasn't sure if I was suffering from a hard night or motion sickness from the spinning blocks!
Sometimes to prevent your kaleidoscope quilt from becoming overwhelming you need to add another fabric(s) to get the "wow" factor.  Lee has divided her blocks into to colourways and accented them with bold fabrics. I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt completed.

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