Monday, 20 August 2012

kaleidoscope classes - Cherry Pie

The Hope Center in Levin was the venue for my two classes for Bernina Cherry Pie over the weekend so we had plenty of space.  We were really spoilt with Lynette making us lunch - bonus..
Saturday was Kaleidoscope day two class which was laying out the sewn blocks.  These photos don't do these quilts justice.  The two bottom quilts (above) have been made from the same fabric and they did really look different.  I'm looking forward to seeing these quilts completed on the 2nd December.

Sunday was a Kaleidoscope Day One class which the staff from Cherry Pie & clients attended.  Lots of laughter and again Lynette made us lunch.
The pictures below show student's fabrics and their blocks forming.  Lots of spinning and wow factor appearing here.  I'm looking forward to day two in December when we will be laying out these quilts.

 And of course Lunch :)

Sewing these spinning blocks is really exciting.  If you haven't tried it - then put this quilt on your to do list.

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