Thursday, 12 July 2012

Shibori Kimono

 I have just finished this wall hanging quilt that has taken me over a year to make.  Although the idea is original I have included Japanese Meshwork and blocks from Susan Briscoe's "Japanese Taupe quilt blocks" book.

I found & bought this Shibori Kimono in Asia Gallery, Kilbirnie (NZ).  Its made from cotton and hand dyed using the traditional Japanese Shibori technique.  Had I taken it outside I would have seen the yellow staining all down the back and under the arms in the front of the Kimono.    I was unable to remove the staining but all was not lost as plans and ideas can be changed.

It was amazing to find so much fabric within its seams as I unpicked it.  I have used the front body and the back of the sleeves.  Undamaged fabric has been included into other blocks around the kimono.  I created the Obe using dress fabric.

Techniques used are hand applique, hand and machine piecing, meshwork (Japanese weaving), machine quilting and has been put together using the "quilt as you go techique".
This quilt came about as part of my bookshelf challenge where I use techniques or ideas from my books and incorporate them into a quilt.

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