Monday, 2 July 2012

Japanese Meshwork Books

For those of you who have attended my meshwork classes and wish to explore this technique further these books are now available from Minerva (NZ Quilter).
Definately a must for your bookshelf.  They are in Japanese, however the pictures are clear enough to follow.
First book has now been reprinted.

 NEW - the designs in this book will blow you away.

The best tools for this techinque are made by clover (Japanese).  Bodkins are smaller for the finer weaves, applique pins do not hurt your fingers and the 5mm fusable tape fits nicely into the 9mm (purple) bias tool.

A word of caution regarding the circular stack and slash image on page 40 (new book) its instructions on page 87.  With the expense and time required to make each panel you need to take care with the cut edges.  I notice that the instructions indicate using a zig zag stitch or heringbone stitch.  Whatever effect you decide to use, give your piece a really good iron (dry heat - no steam).  If you intend to use a bias to cover your joins, make sure the bias is cut on the bias not the straight of grain like those you use for weaving.  Why not experiment with the fancy embroidary stitches on your sewing machine.
Happy meshing 


  1. Hello, I can't seem to find where I can purchase the two Japanese Meshwork books listed above. Would appreciate a response. My thank you very much

  2. Hi. Where can I buy the Japanese book "meshwork of fabics" . I cant find it anywhere.

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