Friday, 25 August 2017

Crazy busy August sewing and weaving

Several groups of quilters have been attending my QAYG techniques workshops this month.  Four different block construction techniques, four different joining techniques and machine  your binding without a binding foot attachment.  There is a lot to cover in this class which is run over two full days or 4 half day sessions.
Usually when you attend a QAYG class you are making a whole quilt using one technique.
The little quilt made in my techniques class becomes a reference.  I encourage attendees to use their scraps.  Quite funny really - most struggle to use their scraps and still want their reference quilt to look co-ordinated.  Here are some of the completed ones - with more still to come hopefully.

My husband was being very helpful and washed his quilt that I made him in the late 1990s.  Yes you know what happened!!

The woollen batting shrunk.

Paul bought his fabric for his own quilt on a business trip to the USA in the late 1990s.  This was only the fourth quilt I had ever made.  Hand quilted over a two month period.
So I unpicked it in one night :).

Horrified at the size of some of my seams!

Batting has shrunk but I can reuse it for another project.  Ideas are starting to form!!

My plan is to gently wash the top and iron it dry, closing up my stitching holes as I go.  Won't be a quick process.  Paul has also asked that I add another border to make his quilt bigger.

Back to my NEW addiction - Weaving.  Last week I completed a scarf for my friend Freya and this week a cushion  - a bit of an experiment.  I have learnt that the warp thread can be quite controlling and that it is a good idea to use a dark colour on the outside of the warp threads to hide an uneven selvage.  Blocking is very important and to cut joining threads after the garment is dry.  My work colleague suggested that I wash my woven items in a bucket of warm water with hair conditioner. I was very surprised at how soft the weave became.  Even the softest of yarns feel hard when woven.

Double knit warp thread with a home spun sock yarn with glitter spun into it.

I made this pattern up as I went.  Note to self - hmm maybe draw up a plan using quad paper.
Blocking it on a yoga mat using sewing pins down the sides.
Notice the threads on the top?  These are cut once dry.
I made the cushion 10 cm smaller than the insert but I didn't quite get the length
correct so the over hang at the back was minimal but I still could stitch it closed.

Next in line for the loom.

Here are my completed woven items from earlier this month.
Scarf for my husband
My very first woven item unfortunately this scarf is nearly 3 meters.
Will need to short it.

Something for me which is on display in the shop.

Happy crafting,





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