Sunday, 19 February 2017

Shetland Belt

Yesterday I held a Zip Art class.   Ladies learnt how to manipulate pieces of zip to enable them to create their own zip art. One of my students Lillian is a Shetland Knitter and brought her knitting belt to show us.  It was a wonderful privilege to touch and try it on.  The purpose of the belt was to enable the knitter to continue with their chores / work while knitting as they go. Follow this link to view a similar belt in action.

Lillian's Shetland Knitting belt made by her Father out of leather.

Close up.  Different hole sizes for different needles.

Lillian's shawl she made when she was 12 years old using her belt.
Traditional Shetland Man's cardigan made for Lillian's husband by her mother in the 1970s.
Check out both sides of the gloves.

The inside of the cardigan.  So perfectly and evenly knitted.
I'm wearing Lillian's belt.  The needles used are double pointed.
Thank you Lillian for sharing.

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