Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Iron Caddy Tote

Happy New Year - this is my first posting for 2017.  I have been busy working on a couple of projects that are not going too well.  Bit sad really as I have been doing an awful lot of unpicking.

To take a break from these projects I started making an Iron Caddy for a friend's birthday last night.  I also need to make a couple for my class irons.  I used the free pattern available from Tri Country

This pattern is easy to follow however I did find a little error on the diagram page regarding measurements.  The final height is 19 1/2".  The lower and upper middle sections should be 6 1/4" in height not 6 1/2".  My other recommendation would be not to precut your fabrics and batting to the correct size before sewing.  It is easier to trim down to the correct size.  I found my fabrics moved & shrunk quite a bit when sewing and I was very reluctant to put pin holes into the Silver Iron Board fabric.
I used wonderclips to hold the layers together instead of pins.  This worked very well.

The only material I had difficulty in finding within New Zealand was the Silver Iron Board Fabric.
I spoke with quite a few suppliers late last year who are unable to bring this product in the country due to the cost plus shipping.  So if I can't find a product in NZ my next best place is  Product link below.

I didn't make my own binding or handles - opting for ready made bias binding and webbing for handles.  I used flat buttons rather than ones on a shank.  When the mat is laid out  shank buttons will raise the corners.

Back to my "stalled" quilts.

Happy stitching

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  1. Thank You for noticing the error! I found it too & it was driving me crazy. And thanks for the button idea! Starting mine now.


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