Sunday, 9 October 2016

Wellington Quilters Guild Exhibition

Its been a busy few weeks with lots of quilts on display at the various exhibitions.  Today I visited the Wellington Quilters Guild exhibition.  It was held for two weeks with today being the last opportunity to see these stunning quilts.
I have seen lots of posts on social media showing the winning quilts from this exhibition.
Here are some I would like to share with you.  Enjoy
A different Approach by Claire Hodgson

Fire by Marilyn Daly

It take a Village by Marilyn Daly

Look Mum no rulers by Catherine Croucher

Navajo Journey by Stephanie Taylor

One Row at a time by Mary-Anne Georgiou
close up of One Row at a Time

Pine Green Blue by Catherine Croucher

Remembrance Scully Series #7 by Marilyn Daly

Street Lights Through Fog by Jill Bowman
close up of the couching in Street Lights Through Fog

Summer in Minnesota by Shanon Peters

Swatches Quilt Jacket (back) by Anna Hicks

Swatches Quilt Jacket (front) by Ana Hicks

Waharua by Jackie Bailey
(Started in my Quilt As You Go Class.).

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  1. Once again Shirley you've photographed completely different quilts to me! But they were all lovely weren't they.


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