Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Still Cre8ing Exhibition

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the opening of an exhibition of work by eight textile artists from the Hutt Valley (New Zealand) and Australia.

Still Cre8ing is their second exhibition held at the Odlin Gallery, Myrtle Street, Lower Hutt.  Their first exhibition was held in 2014.

The exhibitors are Margaret Davidson,  Brenda McPartlin,  Karen Johnston, Galye Downes, Cherie Gurney, Jo Rothbaum, Jenny Hughes-Allen and Rebecca Staunton.

The featured project for this exhibition:
To give new life to tattered, stretched, worn and torn, felted wool covers.  These covers were originally used to protect new born lambs from the ravages of a Canterbury winter (New Zealand).
The challenge for these artists was to turn these into pieces of art.
Some of the art work made from the lamb jackets.  Note the pile in the bottom right hand corner.
This is an example of the condition the jackets arrived in.

By Karen Johnston
Canterbury Spring  Lamb by Gayel Downes
Over Cast Day By Cherie Gurney

Echoes by Cherie Gurney

Segments of Time by Cherie Gurney
Queen Anne's Lace by Gayel Downes


Baracudas by Jo Rothbaum

I definitely have to revisit this exhibition with my camera.  The Gallery was very crowed last night so taking photos was restricting.

This exhibition is running from the 13th - 24th July at the Odlin Gallery, 9-11 Myrtle Street, Lower Hutt 10am - 4pm daily

I hope you have the opportunity to visit .



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  1. I'm going to visit at lunchtime on Friday to have lunch with my clever mother <3


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