Saturday, 27 February 2016

Steven in Flight

Pam Holland is an Australian artist who makes amazing quilts.  I follow her on facebook and visit her blog from time to time.
She recently posted an article on the Apps she uses to manipulate her drawings and photographs which then become inspiration for her work.
If you cannot draw or have difficulty selecting colours for areas of your quilt, follow this link and get inspired.

I am excited - by using Pam's info, I have made this quilt and had to share it with you.

Original photograph - My son Steven.

I used Dreamscope (app) to manipulate photograph then drew it onto my fabric ready for Stitching.

My curved stitching stretched my fabric thus creating a curve in my edge.

To help straighten it, I ran a running stitch by hand and slightly gathered it.

Then sewed on my binding.

Finished quilt "Steven in Flight"

The curved area at the bottom centre of this quilt still has a tendency to warp a little so I will steam iron it further.  See what happens.

Now for the next project.....  Happy stitching friends.

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