Sunday, 27 September 2015

Piecing while Quilting as you go

Quilt as you go is the process of piecing and quilting blocks at the same time then joining them together.  This weekend I have been further exploring piecing using this process but rather than sewing just strips - I am testing out other types of traditional blocks. 

My two larger blocks (4" & 2" pieces) were quick and easy to make, though due to my fabrics choice (men's suit sample fabrics and men's cotton shirting) I lost a few of my points because of the stretchiness of the fabrics. Never mind..... you don't notice them from afar.

With the smaller block (1" pieces), I made the block first then secured it to the batting and backing by re-stitching row joining seams. 

Why would I do this?  Why not just pin the block to the batting and backing?
When piecing a quilt I usually make a decision on the quilting style after the top is complete.  In this case - I am making this quilt up as I go along and at this point in time haven't really decided in the final look.  So by securing the smaller block - its ready for quilting when I'm ready to do it.
I have started adding a little quilting to the larger block.

The batting is a black cotton blend.  I use this a lot as I find the lighter batting fibres can work their way through onto the front of the quilt.  Dark blocks do tend to show up lint (especially men's suiting).  I was tempted to test out fusible batting however as it requires you to spray water onto it to activate the glue, I was not convinced it would work well with suiting and shirt fabrics.

Will keep you posted on this project.

Happy stitching Shirls

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  1. I'll be interested to see the next stage of this project


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