Saturday, 28 March 2015

Quilt as you Go

Do you have difficulty manipulating a large quilt on your sewing machine or are you concerned you may damage applique, embroidery or embellishments on your quilt when quilting?   Or maybe you have your quilt tops professional quilted and over time this has become expensive.
Here's a great idea that could inspire you to make a quilt from start to finish without the struggle of machine quilting an entire quilt at once.
Quilt as you go is a technique which allows you to sew and quilt a block then join them together with what appears to be thin sashing strips both on the front and back of your quilt.
 Here are samples of where I have used this method and why.

Sample for my class using elongated half log cabin and half square triangles

The back - notice joining strips are the same as the backing fabric
Front of kimono quilt. Each block has been joined using
the quilt as you go method to prevent damage to applique and
recycled kimono.

The back of the kimono using different fabrics

A traditional quilt as you go block.  Very easy to make and very effective
 I had tried to dye flannel to make a marble effect. Wasn't successful
but looks ok on the back of this quilt. 
Quilt as you go creates a sashing appearance.

Delicate meshwork joined together using this method.

Machine embroidery on silk blocks sewn together using this method.

Quilt as you go can be a great way of using up scrap batting and fabric.  Once you have sewn your last block together all you have left is the binding.

At any point you can make a quilt larger by removing the binding and building additional borders or replace boarders that have been damaged.  Its a very clever idea.
If you haven't tired it - you should give it a go.


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