Thursday, 26 February 2015

6 sided Kaleidoscope needs list

Six sided Kaleidoscope quilt Needs list 

Sewing machine:         ¼” sewing foot , New needle + Spares and bobbins
Quilt tools:    
15” long clear ruler
Tri-Acu-Angle – 60deg triangle ruler (must NOT have the corners cut off and include measurement lines)
Rotary cutter and cutting board
Other items:    
hand sewing needle
Quilting pins (longer than standard pins)
Normal sewing pins
Quick n pick - unpicker
Thread to blend with purchased fabrics for piecing.
You will require 6 repeats of a pattern of your chosen fabric.  When shopping for your fabric,
take your measuring tape.  Most patterns are repeated approximately  either 24” or 12”.

If 12” repeat, you will require approx 1.8 meters for single quilt.  I recommend that you purchase two metres (or Double the quantity for queen size i.e. 4 metres). 

If 24” repeat, you will need approximately 3.6 metres (makes queen / double bed size). 

I recommend purchasing 4 metres.  This gives you fabric to accent borders or for binding. 
You can also include left over fabric into your backing fabric. 
For 24” repeat you should get approx 96 blocks.

Make sure the fabric you purchase is in one continuous piece.  Fat quarters and off cuts will not work.

Fabric pattern.  In my experience the smaller the print designs the more likely each repeat may not be precise.  Look for a medium to large print with a variety of colour.  Make sure you love it.

Any questions - or if you need help with your fabric selection, please contact me.


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