Sunday, 28 December 2014

Spinning Stripes (Triangles) Class and Needs List

I probably could be more creative about the name of my new class for next year.  I have been playing around with 60 degree triangles and kaleidoscopes for three years now.  This quilt is different to my other kaleidoscope type quilts because of the way the fabric is cut - lengthways as oppose to width wise.

When looking for stripe fabric for this class - try and find something that has a variant in colour and stripe shape/width.  Look at these examples:

The fabric for my Broadwalk Quilt

Broadwalk - Class Sample

Fabric for Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision
Fabric for Siren Song

Siren Song

Close up of Siren Song.  Notice the quilting.
another idea

another idea

In this two day class we cut, then layout the whole quilt before we sew. The cutting and layout will take most of the day.  The quantity of fabric you buy is up to you and your budget.  Any length from 1.5 metres upto 3 metres.  The triangle size will depend on your stripe width repeat e.g. the finer the stripe, the smaller your triangle size.  When cutting my fabric for the three quilts above I didn't use a ruler - I freeform cut.  I used the ruler for trimming my fabric edge before cutting.

Needs List:
Part one of this class:
Striped fabric (quantities as above)
Large bed sheet (flannel if possible) to layout your triangles
Pins to pin your triangles into groups and into place on your sheet (dress making pins great for this)
Rotary cutter (preferably with new blade) and cutting board
Full length ruler (optional)
60degree Triangle ruler

Part two of this class:
Sewing machine with 1/4" foot attached.
Matching sewing thread with bobbin wound ready to go
New size 80/12 sewing machine needle
Quilting pins

At the beginning of this class while we wait for everyone to get set up - take the opportunity to iron your fabric. 

Have a Happy New Year.  Happy stitching.



  1. I loved your Siren Song in the Capital Quilters exhibition and would love to make my own version in a class with you. Can you please let me know once you have the dates of your classes confirmed? Thank you. Wendy

  2. Shirley,
    Have you made or published a pattern for your Spinning Stripes class?
    As I am in the United States, I don't expect to be able to take one of your classes. I love your class pictures!!

  3. I'm with Bunnie. I would love a pattern or book about your Spinning Stripes. They are beautiful, but no chance to take your class from Kansas.

    1. Hi Carol, I couldn't find your email address. At this point I haven't written a pattern only a class. After talking Bunnie through her quilt via messenger, I think I might write one.


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