Monday, 14 July 2014

Capital Quilts 2014 Quilt Exhibition

A very busy weekend for our local Lower Hutt Quilting club with our 'Quilting a Modern Tradition' exhibition.  It was held in the new Performing Arts building at Sacred Heart College in Lower Hutt.

Here are some of my favourites.
Seabirds by Sandra Kennington
She is running classes on her technique. 

5 Days and 5 Nights in New York by Tracy Carew.
Just stunning.

Pinwinne by Irene Anderton
Woollen fabric with a modern twist.

This is a great stash buster. I didn't photograph the number so I couldn't
workout the name of the quilt or artist.

Dresden Plate challenge - Game of Hydrangeas by Sandra Clark.
Its three D effect is hard to see in this photo.  Beautifully made.

Towrags on Target - Debra Delorenzo
group quilt.  I love the colour and layout.

Simply beautiful and the hand work stunning.  I didn't photo graph the number so cant give you the
name of the quilter.  If you an scroll into this photo you will see stamps.,

Dresden plate challenge - My Dandelion phase by Tracy Carew.  So innovative.

Dresden plate challenge - I see fire by Adrianne Reid.  Very clever and great colour work.

Winner of the Dresden Plate Challenge - Dresden Bloom by Lyn White.
Scroll into the flower petals - beautiful hand work and beautifully executed.

Caravan by Liz Cocker.  Real fun quilt with great colour.

Golden Wedding Anniversary by Rayna Clinton.

Last but not least - my Siren Song
Best wall hanging made by one person.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these quilts.  There were 221 entries.  Great weekend.

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  1. The Golden Wedding by Rayna Clinton was the one I loved the combo of quilting and piecing, and the Baltimore was Joan Gibsons. It was a lovely show and I felt quite like having a go again, maybe a kaleidoscope, in September? ;-)


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