Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wild Child

For the last 16 years we (my sister in laws and I) have made 21st quilts for Nephews and Nieces.  We have been behind schedule, however I have just completed one for my Son who will be 21 in May.
I've called this quilt Wild Child because he's very physical and has spent time in hospital resulting from down hill mountain bike crashes.

He left home last year and left behind 12 flannel shirts that he had out grown.  I unpicked these and  Elaine (my sister in law) has very cleverly pieced the back.

The fabric on the front is called Juggling Summer from Zen Chic.  My personal challenge was to use a whole series in a quilt.  I don't know where the origin of the quilt design came from.  I have seen it made in black and white which was very stunning.

We have also made him a cushion and a door draft stopper with the left over fabrics.

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